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It is the mission of education, hope and greater good. It is a mission to build strong minds and emotional peace for the next generation.

The purpose of Mindful Minutes for Schools is to fund educational opportunities for children and their educators in our community to build skills with a unique core curriculum that guides young minds and bodies into practices of mindfulness, reflection and emotional health through the practices of yoga. Teachings are offered during the traditional school day, practiced in an integrative manner in the hands of licensed educators. The goal however, is for children to apply these lessons inside and outside the classroom for years to come.

There has been extensive research in the last decade that connects these practices to mental and emotional wellness for our children as they grow into adulthood.

In our fast paced, anxiety prone, hectic world, these tools help children of all income levels, races, cultures, religions and educational levels to gain life skills that otherwise are not taught in traditional classroom settings.

As part of this goal, we ask you to join our mission. Please consider the level of support you are called to and make your donation as we begin this new school year. Donation opportunities on all levels of giving are listed below. Your generosity will provide individual children and educators, as well as entire schools, with these gifts of learning. We believe that no classroom or educator should be without these resources if they desire them.


BE CONNECTED $50 - Supports 1 classroom lesson

OPEN YOUR HEART $100 - Supports 1 teacher in-service

LOTUS FLOWER $250 - Supports 2 scholarships to YogArt Summer Art Camp for kids

SHINE YOUR LIGHT $500 - Supports 1 classroom for an entire year

HEART FULL OF LOVE $1,000 - Supports 1 grade at 1 school for an entire year

TAKING CARE $2,500 - Supports 15 scholarships for teachers to attend “Yoga for

Teachers” continuing education

YOU ARE A GIFT $5,000 - Supports 1 whole school for an entire year

BRILLIANT $10,000+ - Supports 1 entire school, end of year celebrations, and take home

summer yoga activities for all students


Your tax-deductible donation may be returned using the enclosed donation card and

envelope. You can find updates on our efforts and follow the progress of Mindful Minutes

for Schools on Facebook at

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