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School Yoga Project Anecdotes

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Connect your smart mind, to your kind heart and your calm body.

The language we implement into the yoga in the schools lessons is: “connect your smart mind, to your kind heart and your calm body.” With this language we are able to help children understand and express how their thoughts, feelings and emotions are connected to their physical body.

The feedback from the students, teachers, principals and staff within this project has been overwhelmingly positive. Along with these anecdotally positive statements, the research study is showing positive feedback from students and teachers alike. The research from Year 1 is in the final stages of publication.

The impact of this project can best be summed up in the following two anecdotal stories, recorded by Molly Schreiber, owner of Challenge To Change, Inc.

This first story is from Ed Glaser, principal of Audubon Elementary. Ed made this statement during an in-service for his teachers regarding the online resources. Ed made this statement in front of over forty staff members:

"I have been at this school for 25 years, and I have to say that this project is the best thing we have ever implemented in our school."

When Ed made this statement, the staff nodded and clapped in agreement.

The second anecdote comes from a young student; we will call Kelly, from one of our Year 2 schools. Kelly participated in the project last year when her school was in Year 1; therefore, this was her second year receiving the program. We intentionally keep the same teachers in each building and classroom year-to-year to maintain the positive relationships that develop.

Kelly approached her teacher, Miss Rachel, after the yoga lesson was completed for the day. She asked, “Miss Rachel, I have to go to court today to testify against a man who hurt me. I am very nervous, and I know I need to use my mind and focus. I was wondering what breathing techniques you think I should use?”

Miss Rachel, dumbfounded, reacted by helping Kelly tap into what she has already learned. Rachel said, “Kelly, what techniques do YOU think will work for you?”

Kelly, without missing a beat said, “I was thinking about using finger breathing and a mudra.”

Rachel provided affirmation and positive feedback, saying “I think that is just perfect. Remember to use your techniques and breathe.”

There are so many stories that can be shared about the success of this project. However, these two are excellent highlights of how staff and students are embracing the programming and realizing the impact in their lives. This project is not only benefitting them in the school building, but they are using the practices in their daily lives outside of school.

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